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We are a group of highly skilled individuals from inter-disciplinary backgrounds. We are currently working in Stealth Mode on a technology that will disrupt the prototyping of Microfluidic Devices.

Our Vision

"To help accelerate the product development cycle of microfluidic devices by being an end-to-end solution provider in this segment"

We are happy to announce that we are in the Testing and Trials Phase for our rapid prototyping technology for microfluidic devices.

Do you wish to collaborate and fabricate your microfluidic devices?

Drop in your email id and our team shall get in touch with you. Limited slots available.

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Our Proposition

Rapid Prototyping

Complex Designs on Device Chip/ Device

Fabrication time under 20 mins.

High Prototyping Quality

No No Compromise on Surface roughness & Quality Parameters

<200 nm

Affordable and Simple to Use

Low Low Prototyping Cost and Simple processes involved

Under $1

We are constantly evolving our solution with new knowledge.

You can contribute your knowledge and help build a better solution.  


Stood 3rd Place in a Pitch Deck Competition

Winner of Healthcare Grand Challenge

Pre-Incubatee at AIC STPI Bengaluru

IIIT Bangalore
Pitch Deck Competition
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AIC-STPI Bengaluru

Pre-Incubatee at INCeNSE IISc Bengaluru

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